Yorkshire Amblings

Last weekend me and my lovely other half set off on a road trip after work up the A1 to our new apartment in New York. Traffic jams, 3 CDs and a 10 o’clock McDonald’s later we arrived at our destination, and as you can imagine collapsed into bed. 12 hours later we were feeling rejuvenated and ready to go to destination number one, York Maze.

Only opening for the summer season we seized the opportunity of a sunny day and drove out to the rural landscape of York. As you can imagine the car park was heaving, but after playing a game of spot the space we were out of the car and off to get lost. Much to my delight as you entered there was a beautiful gift shop full of the most heart eyes gifts you could ever imagine, I’d pay the £13.50 entry fee just to go to the shop. However I was dragged away and told that we’d look in there on the way out. The rest of the day was spent finding our way through the maize maze, playing a very competitive game of crazy golf (I lost), getting freaked out in the maze of illusions, watching pigs race, jumping on a bouncy pillow, braving the drop slide and winning a limbo competition (Jason, not me). After then spending half an hour in the shop we headed home, and spent the rest of the evening in our local pub playing cards and eating some delicious home made burgers.


Day 2 was spent doing one of my favourite things to do at the moment, homeware shopping! {All the big stuff was already there, but its the little bits turn a house into a home.} We had to head into town first to purchase wedding outfits but after that we hit the shops like Tesco, Wilkinson and B&M and shopped to our hearts content. Our apartment is now newly equipped with bedside tables, bedside lamps, cushions and a clock and is coming together beautifully!

{Over the next week or so The World of Beth will be getting an uplift, so don’t be too surprised when you next visit}


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