Crepes, crepes, crepes

What a miserable day, August is meant to be filled with days of sun not torrential downpours, luckily for you I thought I’d cheer you up with a new post. Following on from my last one with the theme of my holiday it’s about time I actually tell you what I did on my holiday, and for all you pining after last nights Biscuit Bake-Off, this one is on food (you can thank me later).

Now you can’t got to France without visiting any creperies, as that would be like going to Italy and not having any pizza, practically a crime. Over our 10 days in the beautiful province of Bretagne (Britanny) we visited a fair few, five to be precise, which meant I got to satisfy my stomach with an array of different flavors, both sweet and savoury

1. Pomme Caramel | Apple and Caramel
My first of the holiday was in a little town called St. Nicholas-des-eaux {translation: St. Nicholas with water} and as you can probably imagine it was situated on a river surrounded by beautiful flowers, the french like their flowers. Our first crepe was swiftly devoured as we’d just endured an eight mile bike ride, spotting a beautiful king fisher along the way. Our jelly legs had taken a seat at Le Chalet and I opted for ‘Pomme Caramel’ a perfect combination of soft warm apples and runny caramel sauce, and there was just enough to leave you pining for more, but not so you felt sick!


2. Champaignons et Lardon FumesMushrooms and Smoked Bacon
Destination number two brought us to a rather posh creperie in a town called Port Lois. It was a bit of a miserable morning so after trundling round a market, (and buying 3kg of mussels) we decided to head to somewhere we’ve never been before. It was a painful decision, {top tip: don’t wear new shoes when it rains} but after exploring the beach we sat down for a spot of lunch. You could say there was a slight language barrier when trying to understand the waitress asking us what flavour tea we’d like, but that conversation was moved on swiftly. Crepe numero due had me listening to the savoury man on my shoulder, choosing a smoked bacon with mushrooms crepe that was made with buckwheat and what a choice it was. I can definitely say it’s made the cut as a top three crepe contender.


3. Saucisse | Country Sausage
This next crepe stop came after a little break away from our daily routine but the sun had come out so we had been spending the days sunbathing our troubles away. This next one was once again a rainy day activity, and after a lovely amble around the streets of Josselin we took shelter in Creperie du Centre. For some reason that we couldn’t quite understand we could only chose from the savoury section, but that was fine as I chose country sausage. I guess I hadn’t really put much thought into how it might turn up but as it arrived I soon realised that I was getting a crepe hot dog. It was strange, I’m not going to lie but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that you could taste the countryness in the sausage, and the crepe was cooked beautifully, just needed some ketchup and mustard. 


4. Fraise Confiture | Strawberry Jam
Have you ever walked into a room and got the feeling you should walk back out again? Well, that’s what we should have done at this creperie as when we arrived the chef was getting ready to go home and the owners were seated at a table having a family meal, awkward. Nonetheless, we didn’t leave as it was raining, we had driven out especially for this penultimate crepe and we’re never happy when it rains on holiday (You may see a pattern arising). Luckily for us the chef delayed his home time by 15 minutes and stayed around to cook us some delicious crepes. My sweet tooth shone through this time and my choice of a classic strawberry jam left my tummy filled with goodness.


5. Ognion et Lardon | Onion and Bacon
Our final crepe came on our last day before moving onto Disneyland Paris. We spent the day in Pont Aven, a quaint town that’s filled with art gallery’s and biscuit shops. We arrived on market day so we worked up an appetite weaving through the stalls and tourists before stopping for some lunch. After much deliberation I went for a savoury option one last time of onions and bacon and it was the right choice. If we were doing it the French way we would have had a sweet one for pudding, but my tummy could no longer be filled which means they did a good job!


Since being back on English turf I’m definitely missing lunchtime crepes, but after being in York for the weekend we spotted a creperie van, wahooo, which means my cravings can soon be satisfied. Check in soon to find out what else I got up to in York!


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