What I’ve learnt about the French

Bonjourno, I am back, yes I have returned from across the pond and have landed myself back into reality, working 8-6 (what a way to make a living). I had a lovely holiday with the family away from the stresses of life, yes being twenty-one is hard, but I am now back on the ground with some fresh new content for you all *cheers*. I thought I’d start off with what I have learnt over the past two weeks about the friendly, sometimes too friendly, French.

1. They will literally share your towel on the beach
Even when there is space at every corner 

2. No matter how hard you try, attempting to imitate a goat and saying the word really slowly will not make them understand.
‘Je ne comprends pas’ was repeated many times

3. Queues are non-existent
It’s more of a case of push and shove to find your way

4. Doggy-do-do is seen as a natural fertilizer
Lazyitus has taken over french dog owners. I don’t know how many times I heard my mum say ‘Watch where you’re walking’

5. They have flowers everywhere
Which means their streets are super pretty

6. They sunbathe on air beds
Not only do they bring every beach chair, towel and blanket, but camping equipment seems to be part of the daily pack-up. 

7. Socks and sandals are a thing
The French are trying to make it happen

8. They bake the biggest baguettes you’ve ever seen
Nothing beats munching the end of a freshly baked baguette.

There you have it, 8 odd/fascinating/good/bad differences I have noticed about our neighbors across the channel. Keep your eyes peeled as my next exciting insight to my holiday, it involves food, will be up soon!


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