Adventures in London: Part 2

As promised I’m back with the second installment to my London adventure which was exactly a week ago today! This time last week I was lounging on a bean bag, after an awkward ‘we got here first’ encounter with another couple (soz) listening to an African steel drum band and watching the world go by. That was at the end of the night though, if we rewind three hours earlier we had just arrived at the zoo to be greeted by safari wardens on stilts and our zoo map (who doesn’t love a good zoo map).

We wandered aimlessly to begin with through the aquarium and reptile house (ten points if you can spot the rattle snake) to find ourselves among the Galapagos, aka giant turtles, who as you’d expect weren’t really moving very far. After that we then went down under to the outback, and watch baby kangaroos hop around and listen to emus make some very weird noises.


Unfortunately the gorilla kingdom was closed as it was past their 5 month old’s bedtime, and the lions are getting a new home so they are on holiday at Whipsnade zoo at the moment, but this gave us more time to see everything else, with our next animal encounter being the tigers. Their such beautiful creatures, and there was no better occasion for me to whack out my tiger ears (sass was in full swing). After walking around their enclosure for what felt like forever but was in fact just the long we round, we took a walk over to Africa (if only it was that easy) to catch feeding time with the giraffes. Their long necks, legs, tongues, bodies in general fascinate me and they put on a show for the audience by chasing each other around. Africa also led us to the zebras, okapis (which nearly overtook Jay’s favourite animal), meerkats, monkeys, pygmy hippos (then we saw these and his favourite was reaffirmed).


Now I know what you were thinking, when did you have time to eat? Well we finished off our tour to then hit up the food stalls set up. There was far too much to chose from, but of course I went for a classic burger with bacon, cheese and pineapple and some rosemary chips from BIT bourbon steamed burgers. I was too busy scuffing my face to get a picture (ladylike I know) but you could always check out their Instagram if you want to see the beauty I devoured! After this we then unwound on the green, lying on that bean bag I mentioned earlier.

Picture5All in all, it was a lovely day/evening/night and would recommend to anyone if they like zoo’s and food. Now, it seems to be past my bedtime as I’m off to France tomorrow, at 3am, so I should probably get some of that beauty sleep considering I have to be up in four hours and 22 minutes. I will be back soon with some hopefully exciting blog posts from my life across the pond. Au Revoir!


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