There’s a Spring in my Step

We have done it. We have survived winter, not that the rain and miserable weather is showing much signs of leaving yet but we are that one step closer to blue skies and fluffy white clouds. I know it’s been a little while since I last posted but my life has been pretty hectic with my first of many presentations and other bits and bobs. But as it’s St David’s Day today, along with my Mumma’s birthday (Birthday shoutout to Mumma Webb) I thought I’d give you a little post as to what I have to look forward to in the next month.

Daffodils. I bought my first lot of daffodils last week after waiting for them to come back into my latest Sainsburys and for a pound you can’t really go wrong. They brighten up my room and will certainly be a constant feature on my bedside table for the coming weeks.

York. I’m heading back up to York again in a few weeks and hopefully they weather will finally start to be a bit nicer so I can go for some walks around the city and enjoy spending some quality time with Jay.

Baby Rumbles. There’s a new baby coming soon and I couldn’t be more excited. She’ll practically be like another little sister and I can’t wait to spoil her rotten with kisses and cuddles.

Easter. At the end of this month I shall be heading back to the shire for three weeks before my last hectic month of uni commences. I love being at uni with my girlies but I know my the end of this month I’m going to be tearing my hair out with all my deadlines so it will be a welcomed break.

It’s going to be a non-stop month for sure, but hopefully with some nicer weather and more frequent appearances from Mr Sunshine, my motivation will be on a high and it will be a wonderful March!


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