Roses are red, violets are blue


Yes, you’ve guessed it, this one’s on the theme of love. Don’t worry it won’t be a pile of mush, or at least I don’t think it will. With the upcoming celebration of St. Valentine on Saturday I thought I would write a little post of appreciation to the wonder that is Jay.

We’re not big celebrations of Valentine’s Day, but this will be our third, well technically our fourth. Our first we celebrated at the ripe age of 15, on a double date to ASK, cute I know. Then I went ahead and broke his heart 10 months later (what a bitch). But as the saying goes, Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realise how much they need to fall together. Once this realisation kicked in we spent our second 6000 miles apart, however I did get a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my halls in first year, of which my sister actually believed they had come from Malaysia! Our third was spent in bed with a take-away as Jay was recovering from a hernia operation, yes I became nurse Beth for the week, and let’s just say once you’ve had a flannel bath there’s no going back! This year I’m heading back up to York, but with not much planned apart from pancakes, pretty little liars and a treat of a meal out in the evening.

Anywho, the real reason behind this post was not to tell you my life story but to give you an insight as to why my boyfriend is better than yours.

1. He shares his food with me
Yes, you read that right. It took a little while for him to overcome this hurdle but now it’s a given that if he brings up a hot cross bun, I will have half of it.


2. He makes the bed
Still needs a little prompting on occasion but we are getting there


3. He always calls me beautiful
Even when I wake up from snoring and dribbling on him with my hair looking like a birds nest


4. He writes me letters
Call us old fashioned but there’s a nice feeling about receiving a hand written letter through the door


5. He supports me and keeps me going
Even when I’m having a mental breakdown and he too has 101 problems


6. He sings with me
We are that couple who will duet ‘Love is an Open Door


7. He puts up with my hormones
It should be classed as a talent to go from the top of the world to the grumpiest being ever

large (1)

8. He can’t dance
But he still puts 100% into trying 

large (2)

9. He tolerates my nagging
I can seem like his mother at times


10. He looks after me when I’m poorly
And I’m not always the best of patients either


11. He doesn’t get too mad at my indecisiveness


14. But most importantly he loves me
Too cheesy?


You may have already guessed too that my love for Disney has rubbed off on him whether he likes it or not, but every situation calls for a Disney situation! To cut a long story short I am very grateful to have Jay in my life like I do, and in true Disney style I believe I’ve found my happily ever after with my Prince Charming, at least until Prince Harry comes along to sweep me off my feet.


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